Frequently Asked Questions

SERP-BOT offers an unlimited number of projects / domains. A user can add as much projects as they want. As long as the user is within the keywords limit assigned to its respective plan. For example, if a user has 300 keywords plan, it can have 300 projects, with a maximum of 1 keyword tracking over 1 search engine for each of the project.

At SERP-BOT, Keywords usage is based on the number of search engines/locations and keywords assigned in each of the added project. The keywords count is the multiplication of the total number of search engines they are being tracked over and then collective number is the addition of all the projects within the account. For example, if a project has 20 keywords, being tracked over 4 different search engines, the total keywords count for that project would be 20x4=80.

When you subscribe to a subscription, we are currently using Paypal. Once you have chosen your subscription plan (100/300/1000/10000) click on the subscribe button then diplayed to make your billing details. On completing the form, you will be redirected to Paypal in order to proceed with the payment.

Do not worry, it only takes a minute to create. here

To switch your plan to the top offer just log in with your login and go to the Subscription and choose an offer that is greater than the one you already have, and this new subscription will replace the previous one that will not be renewed.

Yes, it is quite possible, please send us an email indicating the offer to which you want to return

Yes, you can sort queries according to all immaginable criteria (Alphabetical order, country / languages, best position, monthly volume, number of results, competition index, CPC, Ranking path ...)

We propose to send you reduced or complete reports by email in an automated way on a daily basis. Supported formats are .csv and .pdf

Yes sending a customized report with your company logo is possible from the Google 300 plan

Thank you contact for a personalized plan for your situation.

Yes, the SERP-BOT tool allows you to check your positions in a hundred different countries and extentions.

Yes, we do an affiliate program that will allow you to earn 100% of the first payment from your visitors.